About Us



Santa Cruz Deliveries was founded in March 2018 by Daniel and Gerardo Hernandez. We started as a courier service to students at UCSC. We built a website and uploaded 12 fast food restaurant menus that students would order from and get delivered right to their door. We've come a long way from the early days and now we do things a little differently. 

Introducing Santa Cruz Deliveries 2.0!

One of the fastest-growing services in Santa Cruz rapidly expanding into Scotts Valley, Aptos, Watsonville, and surrounding areas. Santa Cruz Deliveries is more than just another delivery service. We considered ourselves a SUPER AGGREGATOR. We work with all delivery companies in the area to get restaurants more orders, more customers and get their products delivered faster. Our customer end website and app also features a list of over 100+ local restaurants that offer online ordering and delivery. Check us out here and feel free to share your feedback to support@santacruzdeliveries.

If you are interested in using Santa Cruz Deliveries to manage your online orders, please contact Daniel@santacruzdeliveries.com

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